Friday, May 15, 2009

Funny Phone Call

Me: Maintenance, this is Aundrea.

Caller: Mrs. Hill, this Dalton [one of Landon's teachers]. Hey, we're at the Renaissance Faire, and Landon is wondering if he can buy a daggar. I told him we'd have to get parental permission first.

Me: (a little bit speechless; then...) A daggar?

Dalton: It's got about a 4" blade.

Me: And does he have enough money to buy this on his own, or is he borrowing from someone?

Dalton: He'll need about $3 from Malachi.

Me: Tell him his mom is mean and that she will not allow him to go into debt for a daggar.

[Don't tell him that his mother is completely freaked out about a daggar!] (sigh.)