Friday, October 8, 2010

Purple Vibes!

Of the 10 or so secretaries on the 11th floor, 7 of us wore some form of purple today without consulting with one another.  I think mine is more red, but they said that I counted.  :)

Pam (Real Estate), Nanci (Meetinghouse Facilities), Shana (Temple and Special Projects--Headquarters Facilities), Aundrea (Facilities Finance), Amber (PFD--Human Resources), Rebecca (Temple and Special Projects--Headquarters Facilities), Karen (Temple and Special Projects--Interior Design).


Amy said...

I'm so SO happy about all of your new friends, they're lucky ladies.

Ann said...

LOOK AT YOU!!! I love all the happy purple-ness going on here. Best to you and your co-workers.

Jessica said...

That's the best! :] I love this!