Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have You Noticed?

Good songs don't get stuck in your head. Bad ones last for days.

A new pair of fabulous shoes makes you feel strong, confident, and beautiful.  I think women like shoes because of this. 

Women do not try on shoes and ask, "Do these make me look fat?"  That's the other reason women like shoes.

If you roll your eyes too much, you will get a massive headache.  Not that I would know...

There are some people whose voices raise several decibels as soon as they are on the phone. 

When you leave a message on voicemail at someone's home, you automatically address your comments to whoever recorded the message. 

Good pens disappear in a moment.  Bad pens are around forever.

The worse you look when you go to the store, the more likely you are to run into people you know.


Amy said...

LOL. Yes. I have noticed.

You probably haven't noticed this, but every time I click on your blog it's the kind of song I'm in the mood to hear. Every. Time.

Kim and Preston said...

I have noticed some of those things...the others were useful. Love the shoe comment.

Coles Fam said...

And maybe that's why I'm liking shoes more every day. Your list cracked me up because every one is soooo true.