Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Along Abbey Road

My beautiful, amazing, talented cousin and blog-friend is selling some beautiful jewelry this month, in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  You can see the button to the right--isn't it cute?

As you know, my mother is a breast cancer survivor.  I also have an aunt who is currently undergoing radiation in her tooth-and-nail fight against this terrible disease.

Please consider visiting Along Abbey Road and purchasing one of these adorable necklaces.  Not only will you be hooked by Abbey's charming style and wit, you will also be benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Plus, you'll have an adorable, meaningful piece of jewelry for yourself and/or a friend.

In addition, make sure you're doing your monthly self-exams, dear lady friends.  With early detection, breast cancer is curable in 99% of the cases.

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness month!


Amy said...

:D The button is broken - another link perhaps?

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this post, Aundrea!

As for the button, I double-checked to make sure the html code I have posted is correct. It seems to be working on my end of things. I will email it to you!

Thanks again for the shout out! Love ya!

Along Abbey Road
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Bow Baby said...

Wanna buy me one mom?