Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Presidential Inauguration

Don't worry--I won't wax political on you.  But today I read that the President must be sworn in on January 20.  Since that was on a Sunday this year, they opted to hold the inaugural "festivities" on January 21.  But President Obama was still sworn in on January 20.  Did you know that?

Neither did I.  And this is why.

20 years ago today I was in labor.  20 years ago today there was NOTHING on TV on any channel except the Presidential Inauguration.  20 years ago today Bill Clinton was being inaugurated as our nation's president.  I remember the day very well.

Only guess what?  It seems that what we were all supposed to be watching on television (forgive me for not being interested that day) was just the FESTIVITIES.  It wasn't even the real thing. 

I'm kinda ticked, to be honest.  It's one thing to watch the president get sworn in ON EVERY CHANNEL.  It's another to watch a party.  When you're in labor.  All day. 

I'm just sayin'...