Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Which I Share TMI

I have a UTI.  It is not pleasant.

But it has made me think about the things people endure and the ways they do it. 

Like my friend, Jodi, who literally wished for death as her body attacked her in numerous ways.  Yet she is a courageous, beautiful, giving, amazing lady whose experiences have helped define her in more positive ways (because I'm sure she was wonderful before all of that happened).

Or my aunt, Cathi, who is going through chemo and all the other joys that accompany breast cancer and radical surgery; and who is doing all of that with a smile on her face and hope in her heart.  It's hard, but she plugs away, a day at a time.

Or several of my other friends, whose marriages have survived deadly blows in the past year, but who walk forward with faith and hope, not dwelling on the doubt.

Or Jack, who literally just survived his death bed--again.  He cannot walk.  He cannot even breathe on his own.  But he thanks God daily for the miracle of life and for the opportunity to love.

Or "Well," who worries for her little one, but willingly places her life (which includes her marvelous husband), her baby's life, and their future into God's hands and tries to prepare herself for whatever He might require of her and her family in the future.

Of course, we all have struggles.  Some of them I know about, and I keep you in my prayers constantly.  Many--of course--I am unaware of.  But I hope you know that I love you, dear friends and family.  Thank you for showing my what grace and courage and hope and love and joy and beauty look like.


Kim and Preston said...

What an amazing post! God does bless us and as we smile and enjoy the blessings He does give us then we will recognize He has been with us through it all. Thanks for the reminder.

Noelle said...

I came over to thank you for the comment you just left on my blog and now I'm going to leave here in tears.
Thank you...for so much...just thank you.