Friday, July 30, 2010

Awesome Lunch Date

My friend, Kim, is leaving the department that I work for, so a group of us went to lunch today. We did a lot of laughing; I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

The best part of all is when all the bosses in a department just wave goodbye to all of us as we leave, knowing it will be a while before we return.

Also, times like these are learning experiences. Here is what I learned:

1. Some people have to go through in vitro--TWICE--before they finally get to have a baby (coming in March!).

2. Some people love babies and motherhood just enough to have tears spring to their eyes just hearing that. (OK, so that was me.)

3. Some people love their dogs a lot.

4. People who love dogs have a LOT in common.

5. Massage is wonderful. Laughing at other people's massage stories is even better.

6. I don't like the chips at the Garden Restaurant.

7. Secretaries get really attached to the people they help.

8. Church is the best place to learn and do good stuff.

9. Church is the best place to laugh. A lot. (Usually after the fact.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What if I were a writer?

What if I were a zookeeper?

What if I were at home being "just" a wife and mother?

These are things I've been thinking about this week.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Cool

I went to bed early last night. Marvelous! Therefore, when the alarm went off, I was actually awake! (What a concept.)

I arrived at work by 7:30 a.m. Before that:

1. I ran 3+ miles ("running" being very subjective. Still.).
2. I took the dog running with me.
3. I fixed myself a lunch to bring to work.
4. I got Landon to Brother B's for this summer's adventure to Scout Camp.
5. I had prayer with the kids.
6. I made it to the bus on time!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tommy Munching!

Enough said! (Except for "Thanks so, so, so much, Amy and Josh!")
P.S. He LOVED it! :)
P.P.S. Focus on the adorable boy. That's right I'm talkin' to you: Stop looking at all those chins! Stop it!

You'll Laugh. You'll Cry.

Since my dad uses my stuff on his e-column, I thought I would steal this sweet little tidbit to share on my blog. This is about my sister's children, whose parents recently separated. I'm sorry Beatty doesn't wanna grow up to be his daddy. But being like my daddy is aiming high, and he's right on the money!

I’ve had the kids running in the sprinklers, riding their bikes and scooters (we raised seats and pumped up tires) and the ice cream man came by. But he was gone down one side before we could flag him to stop. So I said to them, “Let’s sit here and be patient. He’ll come back. But sometimes you have to wait for good things.” In about ten minutes here he came and they ran to the curb flagging down the ice cream man who turned out to be very clean cut and handsome, but about four bricks shy of a load. He gave us back more change that we deserved and had a hard time counting -- and when we returned some of the change he said, “Sometimes my math isn’t so good.” He waved at the kids as he drove off. We’ll watch for him again.

Bitsy Boulder Boy scarfed his Spider Man down and then wanted to eat everyone else’s. When I wouldn’t let him he sprinted for his fuv-o and kafu screaming obscenities in tongues -- and he’s now sound asleep.

As I sat with the three older ones Beatty leaned back on my chest and said, “Grandpa, I love you.”

“I love you, too, Beatty Boy,” I replied.

“When I get big, Grandpa, I want to be just like you,” he continued.

And my chin quivered and my eyes watered and I just held him a little tighter.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Aunt Glenna,

Thank you so much for your phone call on my birthday. You hold a very dear place in my heart.

We listened to your message on speaker phone. Taylor said, "She said this to me." Ashtyn said, "She gave that to me." Briana said, "She made me these things."

Ashtyn just texted me and said that you had commented on her cake (on Facebook). She said, "I really love her."

It's unanimous. We love you! Have a happy day!

Dear Cheryl,

When I was 12, we moved to a small, mountain town. In our town there were several girls my age: Lisia, Deann, Lisa, Cheryl, Jamie, and me. Except for Jamie--who is my cousin--I've only seen these girls a small handful of times over the years. But I never forget that November 6th is Liz's birthday; I think Lisa's is November 3rd. And your birthday is January 20th.

I know this, because your birthday is on my half-birthday. We always had interviews with the bishop at the same time because he tried to visit with us every 6 months.

And today on Facebook I had a birthday wish from a friend from my youth--you!

Happy half-birthday, my friend. I have never forgotten you. (But I'm not cool on Facebook like you are!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life Is Funny (inspired by Noelle)

I have a brother with whom I was great friends when we were little.

And then we became teenagers. He liked the country; I liked the city. He liked the shock factor; I liked to be obedient. He was opinionated; I was opinionated. He was dumb; I was smart (heeheehee).

I stayed with my parents and family for about 2 weeks before we moved to Utah. Brant had been home from his mission for a month or two, which explains a lot. I was married and had a nearly-one-year-old baby, and my husband was 600 miles away, which explains a lot. Anyway, one day we started shouting at one another. It escalated till we were toe-to-to (he's 6 inches taller than I am), screaming. It seems awfully ridiculous now, but it was simply indicative of how we were then.

And then a few years ago he and his family moved to our neighborhood. I loved his wife, and it was great to get to know her (as an adult) better. I adored his daughter, who thinks she rules the roost AND her Aunt Auneea. I adored his 4-year-old son, who was also one of my preschoolers. I adored his middle son, who was so BUSY when he was tiny, and has become a sweet, loving young man. I adored his oldest son, who also became our son's closest friend.

And guess what? I also adored my brother--a good, loving husband; a fabulous father; a hard worker. He still likes the country; I still like the city. He still likes the shock factor; I still like to smooth the waters. He's still opinionated; so am I.

But it turns out he's pretty smart. And when he told me they were going to move back to California, I instantly cried.

But they are moving back to Utah! And we must be OK, because they are going to live with us until they can get fully on their feet.

I'm super excited!

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!

Sassy made and decorated a cake on Monday night. It is for me! Isn't it cute?

Also, Ashie is so great, she found a scratch cake recipe that did not have milk in it, so she could eat the cake, too!

She's a Good Driver

Yesterday it was hot.

Ashtyn and I walked into the Driver License Department.

It was cold.

Two hours later we walked out.

It was hot.

My cells did a little dance.

Ashtyn did a little dance.

Did You Know?

Taylor likes royal blue, and so do I.

The sky is my favorite thing in nature. And that is lucky, because you can find the sky everywhere. Just go ahead and try.

Clouds are higher during the daytime hours than they are at night. (I learned this at the Driver License Department yesterday)

In the past few weeks, Landon has started calling me "Mother." And I'm not even in trouble!

I'm in love with Booth, a fictitious character.

I am NOT in love with Mr. Darcy or Edward. (And I HATE Bella Swan! What a brat!)

My brother and sister-in-law are moving back to Utah in a week and a half. Woot!

And now you know.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thursday-Fridays Are Our Friends!

When our children get a Friday off at school, they call Thursday "Thursday-Friday." Everybody loves Thursday-Fridays.

This week I get Friday off of work for Pioneer Day. That makes Thursday a Thursday-Friday.

However, tomorrow is my second-favorite holiday of the year, which means I'm taking the day off. If today was a Monday-Tuesday (in preparation for Thursday-Friday), but I'm not working tomorrow, does that make today Monday-Wednesday?

It's gonna be a good week.

An Invitation/A Reminder

My father-in-law will turn 80 in just a couple of weeks. He is a good man.

His wife has asked me to put together a book for his birthday. If you know Bert and are interested in participating, please send me your letter, remembrances, pictures--whatever you want to do!--on an 8.5" x 11" paper by the end of this week. There are no limits to what you can do: drawings, photos, hand-writing, typed, "scrapped" or not. I will mount everything I receive on 12" x 12" paper (matching) and put it all in a scrapbook for dad, so your only limitation is that it needs to be one-sided.

Happy birthday, Dad!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Compression Rocks My World

If your husband or daughter ever want to go to massage therapy school, I think you should let them.

Yesterday my mid-back was really sore and tight. I asked Bri to just do compression before I went to bed. That means she just leans on me, one muscle at a time. It is basically heavenly, and it really helped. My back popped a time or two, and I could feel my muscles loosening.

There wasn't time for a full massage, which would have been even better. But I got a lot of relief, and I slept very well, and I don't hurt today.

If your husband or daughter ever want to go to massage therapy school, I think you should let them.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let the Celebration Begin!

Today is my dad's birthday. Since I have been blogging for a couple of years now, you may already know this. Here is a list of some of the important things you should know about my dad:

1. His birthday falls on France's Independence Day (or whatever they call it), so the French are celebrating Daddy's birthday every year. It's nice of them to do that.

2. My dad is a published author and a prolific writer (not all published, of course). You can check out his books at

3. My dad is an optimist. It is one of his many gifts to the world.

4. There are very few people who cannot love my dad, and I don't know of ANY that my dad doesn't love.

5. My dad is a good Mormon. He's an even better Christian.

6. My dad is a wonderful dad. He's an even better husband. This is his greatest gift to his children.

Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Times When It Would Just Be Better to Be Asleep

Anytime before 7:00 a.m. OR the sun is up, whichever is later.

Anytime after 10:00 p.m. (My idea of heaven would include going to bed--and to sleep!--at 10:00 p.m. and awakening after 7:00 a.m. That may never happen in this life.)

When riding a bus, especially if there's a driver who jerks the vehicle. Because jerking busses make me sick.

When there's nothing to do at work (ugh).

Right after lunch, any day of the week. But only for about 1/2 hour.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Was This

Landon has been saving the money he's earned, along with some money that his grandparents gave to him, so he could provide a boys' day out. Today is the day, and the boys have played all day. They had Jamba Juice, they saw two movies, they went to the arcade, and they had Subway for lunch, all on Landon's dime (thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!). Dinner was provided at home. Ashtyn made menus and dinner for Landon and Spencer (Taylor left them early because he had to work this evening). Here they are at "Restaurant on a Hill."

The waitress and chef extraordinaire.

I got the dishes done, and now we are all vegging out. It's been a fabulous day!

Next Was This

Me and my two brothers, Derek and Brant. With a few years of exceptions during adolescence, we've been friends our entire lives. They are good men, and I am proud to call them my brothers.

This is Brant and me right next to the springs. It's a beautiful place, and our pretty faces only add to the scenery.

Here are Derek and Becky with three of their children. They are always such fun to be around. Danny, Brady, and Laurel are talented, happy, great young people, and they are blessed with fantastic parents!

Danny and Brady at the entrance to the park

Driving up Parley's Canyon, one could see that westbound I-80 was a parking lot for many miles, due to construction. We talked about going down via Provo Canyon but remembered they had construction going there, too. So we decided to go to Cascade Springs and down the Alpine Loop on the way home (thanks for the suggestion, Becky!). We convoyed up and had a fun little hike and lots of visiting. There's still lots of water coming from the ground!
(I love Utah. It's a truly lovely place. You should come visit our great state!)

And Then I Did This

When my mom and her cousins were children, one year they went to their grandparents' home for Grandma A's birthday. It became a yearly tradition to get together to sleep out, and The Sleepout was born. It has been going strongly ever since. Except for when we lived out of state, we never missed a Sleepout, and sometimes we made a trip to Utah just for the Sleepout. Each family (my grandpa and his siblings) have a color assigned to them--our family color is green.
The orange family (Jack and Jannie's clan) were in charge this year, and they had lots of fun, fun games. Actually, most of the orange clan is NUTS, which makes them all kinds of fun (though very competitive). I got there late and not in green and stinky, but I got there. The numbers are dwindling as each family now has their own get-togethers.
Somehow it's natural that I am 40-something (and sometimes it's not), but it's always weird to see people who were little children "just yesterday" who now have big kids of their own! My mom's cousin, who is my age, is a grandmother!

The Day Started Out With This

Amy and I ran a 5K for Zion's Children of Haiti. It was quite a small event, but it was fairly well-organized. It was held at Sugar House Park, which is a lovely venue (except for the nasty bathrooms!). We had to do 2 laps around the park. That was hard. But Amy got me through it, and I helped her, too. We're a pretty good team.
We stayed for the raffle, and we didn't win anything. But that's OK because we were having fun together.
Biggest part of this portion of the day: We are going to try to do a sprint triathlon together (hopefully with Ashtyn and Breezy, too)!
P.S. Do I love running? No, I do not. But it is fun to do something active with other people like Amy and Spencer and Bob and Stacy and Dan and MaryKay and Suzie and Phil and Kayla and others. Running hurts my muscles and it makes my heart beat fast and sometimes I get sunburned. But when it's done it makes me feel really cool and capable and generally awesome.
P.P.S. Anybody wanna join us for a sprint tri?

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Body Didn't Like It

Here are the 5 body safety rules that I taught in Good Touch/Bad Touch. They are good rules for everyone to know in order to keep their bodies safe:

1. It's MY body!
2. The Uh-Oh Feeling: If I think something is wrong, I'm probably right. I have the right to trust my feelings.
3. Say NO! and get away.
4. Tell a grown-up.
5. It's NEVER my fault!

Yesterday I had a mammogram. It was not fun. I have treated bread dough more kindly and gently than the technician treated me.

I skipped Rule 3. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Going Home

This is a picture of all of my siblings, their spouses, and their children (including my spouse and our children). There are 30 of us. We were missing my parents, which was sad; but we had such a fabulous time together!

Aren'tcha glad families are forever?

Yeah, me too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Way Things Are

Nobody uses in-boxes any more. The only guarantee that the recipient will see what you're leaving is if you put it on his chair.

If you ask to borrow a friend's video she will tell you that it's a DVD.

Sometimes running involves taking a fall.

Even if the house you grew up in is 600 miles away, you can still go home if everyone in your family is laughing in your living room.

Home is even better with children, nieces, and nephews.

It is possible to be very cold on the 4th of July in Salt Lake City.

Sometimes I Flinch

This morning I walked into the bathroom after what might have been the longest night ever in the history of the world, and the person looking at me from the mirror did not look like me. She didn't even look like my friend. That was a rude awakening.

Later I walked into the bathroom and the woman looking back at me looking very much like my mother. MY 40-SOMETHING MOTHER! (At least she was put together. That lady earlier didn't look so hot.)

Of course, it's just me looking back. But today it's not the 18-year-old girl or the 25-year-old young mom. Nope, it's just the real 40-something me--the same me who has a daughter in college, two children in high school, and a child in middle school, but not one in elementary school or Primary; the same me who has been married longer than I was ever single; the me who has made a million mistakes but who has also done some pretty good stuff; the me who had quite a few sleepless nights with babies and now has some sleepless night with teens; the me who used to be mean when it meant no more cookies and now is mean when it means I-won't-buy-you-one-more thing-till-you-have-a-job-of-your-own; the me whose mother is now 60-something and whose grandparents are terrifyingly elderly (but still living, thank heaven!); the me whose children still occasionally come to sit on my lap, but I can't see over their SHOULDERS, let alone over their heads.

It's a tiny bit sickening when this person comes to visit my mirror.