Monday, September 17, 2012

Sports Fans -- NOT!

Last week I was downstairs visiting with my brother and his wife.  The TV was on a football game (it is ALWAYS on a sports channel at their house), and there was a huge pass.  I just glanced up and said, "Nice reception."  Laurie's jaw dropped, and she said, "Wow.  You said 'reception.'  I'm impressed."

Here's the thing.  I grew up with sports fans.  Daddy loved to watch the games when I was a little girl, and my brothers were huge fans.  My favorite game is baseball, especially if I can be in the park.  I know enough about most of the major sports (football, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball) to get me by in a sports conversation, in the park, or in the arena.  We like to watch the Olympics.  We have a little family party and watch the Superbowl each year--mostly for the commercials, if we're being honest. 

But while we watch the Superbowl, I explain things to our kids.  When we went to the ballpark for the 4th of July, I had to explain the game to the kids; that might be the blind leading the blind a little bit.  But I'm the resident sports expert at our house.

Once in high school my friend told me that her sister had gotten so fed up with competing with the games that she put on a teddy and went and danced in front of the television, just to get ANY attention from her husband on a Saturday.

When we had been married a VERY short time, I came home from work and flipped on the TV.  The Dodgers were playing, so I was watching the game.  Spencer came home, said hello, dropped his stuff off in our room, sat down next to me, and changed the channel!  My first reaction was to think, "Hey!  I was watching that!"

But then I remembered my friend's sister, who had to compete with sports for her husband's attention, and I thought, "Well, at least I know I will never have to do that."

We found a program on PBS that we both enjoyed that afternoon.  Yes, we are PBS watchers...

With that background, may I just say


Hate. It.

Hate it in the cubicle.  Hate it in Devotional.  Hate it at choir practice.  Hate it from the pulpit.  Hate it in our Sunday lessons.  Hate it on your necktie.  Hate it at the copy machine.  Hate it at the drinking fountain.  Hate it in the cafeteria.  Hate it at the bank.


I don't know and I don't care about all the ramifications of the schools being in different divisions or conferences or whatever.  I'm just SO glad they won't be playing each other for a couple of years.  So glad.