Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm Shallow

By Evalyn M. Sandberg

Aesthetic sensibility has been decreeing that
I should not sing hymns lustily, a trifle sharp or flat.

Musicians wince as I intone pure praise and real thanksgiving.
This second form of worship gives me such a zest for living!

I’m sure God can distinguish a false note from the start;
but does he analyze the voice — or listen to the heart?

My friends, I am sort of a music snob.  I rarely listen to people's musical links on Facebook, because so many of them are really quite terrible--a trifle sharp or flat.  Still, I hope EVERYONE feels that they can sing with gusto, because I know that the second form of worship brings me joy, and I hope it does the same for you.  Music is a blessing.


I really hate the song "Silent Night."  I know, I know.  It makes me un-Christian or something.  I think the words are lovely, but the tune just scrapes on me. I blame this on listening to decades of horrible "Silent Night" renditions.  There's just too much pop-izing of what should be a hymn and note sliding.  Somewhere I've reached a point where it's not even worth it to try to listen to it.

The one exception is listening to my friend, our ward organist, play the organ chimes on this song.  Lovely!

But the tone-deaf extended Hill family holding hands around the Christmast tree "singing" all three verses?  It's enough to swear me off the song for the rest of my life.  Or longer.

I'm sorry, World.