Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learning Moments

It was branch conference at our care center, so I was there on Sunday.  My goodness, I love that place!  I am continually impressed with the wonderful care givers there, especially since I've been to places that aren't NEAR that caliber!

Witnessing the sacrament there is a beautiful experience.  Those who are serving the emblems are loving and gentle.  They wash their hands repeatedly (thank you, baby wipes) because they have to literally place small pieces of bread and tiny amounts of water into the waiting, open mouths of the residents.  That residents understand this ordinance on some basic level is clear.  It's seriously beautiful. 

It made me think more about the Atonement.  Sunday in the Care Center was another learning day.


Lee is retiring.  He was a director.  He was demoted.  He's struggled.  I think he was kinda forced out.  It makes me sad.

His secretary--who "lives" right next to me--is being reassigned to a cubicle on the other side of the floor.  I will be alone again.  I am not looking forward to that.  Also, I will miss her.  She is fantastic.

When Lee leaves, there will be an open director's office next door to my boss.  There is a director for this department on another floor, and I know he is going to want to move down here with the rest of the department.  This is a man who is likable when you're on a personal level, but I don't care much (or at all!) for his business dealings.  Worse, he has employees who make me NUTS.  I'm afraid they will all come down and invade "my" space.  Which makes me shallow.  And worried.

Looks like more learning experiences are coming!


Have you ever noticed how some learning experiences are wonderful and others are just hard?