Friday, July 19, 2013

When I Was at Temple Square This Week

I had an interesting experience on Temple Square a couple of nights ago. I went looking for our Sister B (friend from Canada), and when I couldn’t see her in any of the buildings, I planted myself on a planter in the center of the Square, hoping she would walk by.

There was a not LDS church group who were gathering in the same area. Three of their women (all in their 20’s) started talking to me. Just regular talking: family, jobs, etc. We shared so much in common whenever faith-related things came up. I think they were surprised that a Mormon believed just like they did. As we wrapped up, they offered to pray with me. So they sat on either side of me, with their hands on my backs (laying on of hands?), and one talked to Father God, Lord Jesus, God Jesus, etc., all about me while the other two toned “uh,huh’s” and “thanks, Jesuses,” etc. All in the smack dab middle of Temple Square. But it was sweet and I hugged them afterward. It’s too bad that there can’t be that kind of understanding between churches as a whole, because in that moment we were truly sisters.

And none of that was particularly comfortable to me. It was very different from how I choose to worship. But I felt the Holy Ghost there, and I truly felt love for these young ladies. I hope they felt it back from a new Mormon friend.