Monday, September 22, 2014


Yesterday we began to talk about Hilladay.  This year--and from now on--we are going to celebrate our Hilladay at Snowbird, where we have a time share.  We hope that eventually perhaps our children will be able to also purchase a time share during that same week, but that will be up to them.

Anyway, in discussing Hilladay we talked about how we wished we'd kept track of every Hilladay we'd had.  The truth is that there are probably picture around, but until they all get organized, we'll never know.

So we started making a list, and this is what we've come up with:

1995:  Back yard games and jumping on Aunt Becky's trampoline at Grandma and Grandpa Bezzant's house.

1996:  Back yard sleepout.  This was the year (I think) that we were putting in sprinklers, so there was mud in the yard.

1999:  Liberty Park and scavenger hunt.

2000:  Raging Waters

2001:  Cancun

2007:  Goblin Valley and slot canyon hike and camping.

2008:  Thanksgiving Point for photos, picnic, and "Oklahoma!"

2009:  Jackson Hole camping, horseback riding, Snake River rafting, and Bar J Wranglers

2010:  Sacramento and Apple Hill

2011:  The year of service

2012:  Weber River rafting.  Briana was on her mission, and we held Hilladay early, before Taylor left.

2013:  Snowbird begins

It was hard to differentiate between some of the things we've done for Hilladay versus just playing together as a family.  But we determined that the following were other Hilladay activities.  Probably.

Saver's scavenger hunt (ended at Sugarhouse Park)
Old Sac/Six Flags
Back yard Slip & Slide and games
Back yard sleepout with Mormon Mouthful (West Jordan)
This Is the Place Heritage Park

This year will be our 20th Hilladay.  We started the year Ashtyn was one (the year I was diagnosed with MS), so our children don't remember a time when we didn't have Hilladay.  Hilladay is my favorite family tradition, and we've been very blessed.

Now to come up with this year's activities...