Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GOOD NEWS! Ashtyn is sick!

I just heard back from the GI doc who did Ashie's biopsies. Everything looks normal and beautiful EXCEPT---

She has a lactase level of 2. A 24 means you're lactose-intolerant but could maybe have a little milk on your cereal. Most people have a lactase level of 50-60. Ashtyn's is 2.


No wonder she's been sick! Since she basically cannot digest milk products AT ALL, the sugars from the dairy ferment in her intestine, she feels sick, and she eventually either vomits or purges from the other end. (Sorry for the graphics.)

Really good news is that she doesn't have ciliac spru (sp?), which is in Spencer's family. Everything else is perfect--no allergies, etc.

We'll now be working to keep Ashie lactose-free. She doesn't like milk, so that won't be too big a problem. We'll keep lactaid on hand for any cooking things. Pancakes and waffles need to be made from scratch because there's dry milk in mixes. She'll have stay away from ice cream altogether (say "Hello" to sorbet!). She can have cheddar cheese in VERY small doses. No hot chocolate, no yogurt, no soft cheeses like mozarella or cottage cheese, no mac & cheese.

The doctor said that her lactase level is so low that Lactaid, etc. probably won't help much; but it's worth a try for the times when she's getting cheese and stuff.

This will be a challenge for Ash, but of all of our children (and really, of all people), Ashtyn is the best candidate for making it happen. She's just that kind of a great person. And I am seriously relieved that we can find something to help her.

Boooo... and hooray!


Amy said...

Yay for Ashtyn! And yay for the genius GI doctor. :)

Coles Fam said...

I'm so glad you finally found out what was wrong. I don't think I would be good if it were me. I love dairy. Good luck, Ashtyn.