Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Suzie,

Sunday we visited our former ward. As part of our lesson on Joseph (as in "The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"), we discussed The Big Picture. When we read about Joseph, we cover 20 years of his life in just a few short chapters of Genesis. But the truth was that he was in jail for YEARS. He didn't see his family for YEARS. He didn't know how it was all going to turn out.

A wonderful woman there spoke of her pain in not being able to conceive, and how some days she just thought that God didn't love her and she would not be able to go on. The interesting part in that was that--in all that time--she served as the YW president AND the RS president of that ward. She teaches music (she's great!) at Taylorsville High, where she blesses the lives of her students. I know this because I work with some of her former students, and they adore her! What she remembers of those years, though, is her private anguish and questioning God and wondering if He was even there. What we saw was a strong, capable woman, who remained true to her faith. And our version of the truth was closer than her version, because she IS a strong, capable woman who is true to the faith.

YOU are a strong, capable woman, who is true to the faith. I want you to know that I really admire that about you. I am THRILLED that you are serving with the YW now (again)--I only wish you were working with the MIA Maids or Laurels to Ashie could work closer with you.

And all of that is not to say that you are not allowed to have your own personal anguish--we all do, but for different reasons. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are wonderful and amazing and beautiful and talented. And I admire how happy you are, even though I know that you ache sometimes.

I love you.


P.S. And also, I love your blog!


Suzie said...

Oh my gosh Aundrea that was beautiful! Here I am at work crying like a baby. You are just so sweet and I love how you used the analogy of Joseph. It's so true...:) I am so lucky to know and have your family in my life!!! Thank you for everything!!!!!! :) Love you too!!!!

Marianne said...

Thank you, Aundrea, for showing so much love for my little sis! A family's love can only go so far...