Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update on the Girl's Mom

Yesterday the girl's mother had surgery--a single mastectomy of the left breast.  The girl's mom chose that route to simply get the cancer out of her body.  The doctors tested her lymph nodes, and the preliminary results look very good.  The mass they found in the breast was quite large (golf-ball size in diameter, but the girl doesn't know how thick), and it contained about 25 "peppercorns" of black cancer.

The girl's mom is feeling quite good.  Her appetite last night was good, as was her sleep.  Unless something goes wrong with the drainage, etc., her mom will be home from the hospital within a few short hours.

The girl's dad said that her mom cried a lot when she was in recovery.  But the girl and her mom know that this surgery makes her no less a woman--especially when it comes to how the girl's dad feels--than she has always been.  The girl and all of her family are very grateful for your thoughts and your prayers and your kind words.  The family is also grateful for good medicine, good doctors, and good caregivers.  And also that this surgery was "textbook" and went so smoothly.

The girl also needs to tell you that she is very in love with her wonderful husband who made it possible and supported her in her choice to travel to see her mom for a few days.

The girl is incredibly blessed.


Noelle said...

This girl is happy that the surgery went so well!

Amy said...

:) We like textbook. Our prayers are still with you.

Coles Fam said...

I'm so glad it went well, Aundrea. And I'm glad that the girl got to be with her mom during this time. I hope things continue to go well. Our thoughts and prayers are still with all the people involved.