Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Service from the Heart

In 2009, there were about 55,000 babies born in Utah.  Utah has a fairly low mortality rate:  only about 4.8 per 1,000 live births.  Still, that means about 250 babies died in 2009, and that does not include the babies who are stillborn.

I am gathering baby blankets to give to those families whose babies die.  This gives them something to wrap their babies in as they love on them and bury them, or they can take the blanket home with them at a time when they cannot take their baby home with them.

These blankets (not quilts) will be donated to a local Utah hospital.  They can be any size, from tiny ones for preemies to larger ones for older babies.  I hope they will be something beautiful that the families can cherish and love.

Yesterday is the first day I asked for people to participate, and this morning I came into work to find 6 beautiful blankets on my desk, along with a check to help purchase materials and the promise of at least three more blankets.  I am touched and so, so grateful!

If you would like to participate with us, please email me at wjhillton@comcast.net.


The Becks said...

Aundrea... I wouldn't expect anything else from you! I would like to help although I move at a snails pace when it comes to sewing anything. Do you want me to send them to you house? We received your Valentine in the mail. Loved it! Why is it we live only 3 hours away and never see ENOUGH of each other. I need to change that! We will see much more of you and your family come summer time since we frequent Utah much more then. Love you!

Jodi Orgill Brown said...

Awesome -- what a great project! Good for you. I donate blankets to our hospital from time to time (although I admit they are not usually homemade). Hope all is well!

wjmom said...

Holly, I would love it if you sent things to our home. And also, UPDATE YOUR BLOG!! :) Love you!