Monday, February 28, 2011

A Thrill of Excitement and a Sock to the Stomach

Bri went to Logan this morning.  She called me and said, "Mom, I just wanted you to know I made it safely. Also, we got our apartment, so I'm all set for summer and fall."

She proceeded to tell me that she and Lisa will be sharing an apartment with Diana and a stranger (whoever fills in, I guess).  Diana didn't want to come if she had to room with a total stranger, so Bri and Lisa Rock/Paper/Scissored for who was going to room with Diana.  Lisa won, so Briana gets to have a brand-new roommate.

Boy, is she in for some fun, or what?

She's really excited.  I'm happy for her, too.  They can move in as early as May 10th.  She has a choir performance on May 14th, so she'll go up within a couple of days after that.

I'm losing my visiting teaching companion.  I'm losing my Primary co-teacher.

I'm watching our daughter walk out the door as an adult.

I'm happy for her.  I'll tell you just how happy I am, as soon as I can catch my breath.


Jacqueline said...

wow. Bri is away from home? :( I can't believe it. I thought I could grow up and everyone else would stay young. lol. This makes me feel old.