Friday, November 11, 2011

Heartache and Joy

In the movie Pretty Woman, Vivian talks about how she got talked-down-to by a former boyfriend.  Edward tells her that he thinks she’s an incredible woman, and she responds, “Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to believe the bad stuff?”

This week two missionaries in Texas were killed in a hit-and-run.  Their parents received terrible phone calls that day, and my heart aches for them.

Every day dozens of young men and women leave their homes, headed to a Missionary Training Center somewhere in the world.  Every day dozens of now-men and women leave the lands and people they've loved and served for 1 1/2 to 2 years to safely (and sometimes sadly) return to their homes.

So why does my mommy-heart latch onto the terrible?  And could I respond with the faith that these young men's parents have displayed?

This week, Elder Holland taught us this truth:  When we don't know the answer to something, we learn to lean upon what we DO know.
  • I know the Spirit of the Lord is bringing and will bring peace to these families, because He is real, as is God.
  • I know that God's perfect Plan will allow these families to continue through eternity.
  • I know that happiness is a choice, in spite of--and maybe BECAUSE of--adversity, trial, and heartache.
  • I know that we all have a happy ending in store, and death is not that ending.
My thoughts and prayers are with the families of Elder Trevor Reinhold Strong and Elder Derek Jason Walker.