Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

My friend, Shana, asked me and a couple of other friends if we wanted to host a party for our work friends.  We discussed it and decided that lunch was best because no one would have to leave their families or anything.  Then we thought What if we did a service project as part of our party?  So now the party is in the works!  Courtney is making darling invitations (I have full faith in you, Courtney!).  Kim and Annette are working on table decorations.  Shana is shopping for quilt items, and I am doing what I do best.  Everyone in the world is invited, because they are bringing their own lunch and treats to share.  What's not to love about a party where I don't have to provide everyone's food for them?  I personally will be sharing something salty-sweet, and you're gonna love it (and so am I).

It's a good thing we're doing a service project, because that last paragraph was clearly ALL ABOUT ME.

The point is that all of this festive planning has me feeling the Christmas mood more and more, in spite of the fact that I am boycotting FM100 till November 25th.

If you wanna feel the holiday spirit, come to our party.  But first, listen to David's "Memories of Christmas."


Kim and Preston said...

Yeah! I am so excited for our party! It will be alot of fun and I am so excited!