Friday, June 22, 2012

The Day We Went to the Temple

I am not a good mom, because I didn't even think to take Taylor OUTSIDE the Salt Lake Temple for pictures.

I am a happy mom, though.  It counts.

Yesterday Taylor received his endowment in the Salt Lake Temple.  It was a sweet, sweet experience.  I took him the night before (Wednesday) to purchase his special clothing.  As the sister was asking what he'd want, I'd kinda make the choice for him.  He said, "Y'all are speaking Chinese." 

After the session, Spencer asked him how he was feeling.  He said that he was excited.  He said he had lots of questions, and he wanted to raise his hand and ask them a dozen times during the ceremony.  But he also said that it felt calm and good.  So, overall, he said, "I'd say I feel 'Meh.'"  We think it is a good sign that everything was calm.

Taylor has worked very hard to be worthy to enter the house of the Lord.  He's had to cross many obstacles to get there.  At one point he forgot something and gave a wrong answer.  It confused the worker, who pulled Tay away so they could look into it.  Poor T!  He looked absolutely heartsick and worried and stressed.  I wanted to go put my arms around him and tell him everything was going to be OK, because they don't kick you out of the temple.  But I had a strong impression that there were some things a man has to work through on his own, so I let him sit.  I knew the temple workers would take care of him and he would be just fine.  And sure enough, he was.  (This is probably some kind of foreshadowing for the future.  *sigh*)

We were joined in the temple by both of Tay's paternal grandmothers, his Aunt Becky, and our sweet friend, Sami.  It was a lovely, lovely time of worship and learning and service.

Afterward, we went home and picked up Landon and Ashtyn, and we all went to lunch.  Taylor got to pick the spot, and we got Salt City Burgers--yum!  We thought we might see if anything good was at the dollar movies, but the kids voted for Nickelcade instead.  We had a lot of fun playing together.  You oughtta see us going at it at the air hockey table!  In the end, we won enough tickets to each get a wonderful (cheap) treat before we headed home.

When we got home, Landon went to hang out with Kandon, Ashtyn went to hang out with Charissa, and Taylor went to the temple with Chris.  So Spencer and I had some quiet time together with both of us awake!  Amazing!  (This second shift thing is hard.)  After a snooze we ran to Walmart together for a few items.

Later Tay went to institute and Landon went to Logan's baseball game.  Ashtyn and I went to the rose festival at Thanksgiving Point and watched "Tangled" in the park there.  Spencer spent a quiet evening at home watching "Sherlock Holmes" and "Top Gear."  We all came home and dropped into bed to begin another day.

But this day was wonderful, from top to bottom!