Thursday, November 29, 2012


The night before last Landon and I spent a couple of hours together.  Part of our conversation included the revelation that one of the high school coach's wives is fighting breast cancer right now.  One of the seniors has chosen as a senior project to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute in honor of Coach Briggs and his wife.  This young man's dad prints t-shirts for a living.  One of the companies donated 250 shirts, and this dad has donated the shirt printing, and this boy is selling shirts at school for $10 each.  Landon asked if he could purchase one (we have tender feelings about breast cancer at our house).  We didn't have $10 in our wallets, but I wanted Landon to be able to help out.

On the drive into work yesterday I thought I could get $10, take it to Landon during his lunch hour, and be back to work all within the hour I had for lunch.  Then I thought, "Why not just take a little longer lunch and take Landon out?"  So that is exactly what I did.  We went to Costa Vida in Jordan Landing and had lunch together.

It was an A Day at the high school (they are on a track schedule), and Landon despises his math class.  But his last class was going to be volleyball, which he enjoys.  I said, "Well, at least you have volleyball to look forward to on A Days."  He responded, "Yeah.  And seminary. (long pause) I love seminary!"

Yesterday Brother Clark invited several young people who either have their mission call, are awaiting their mission call, or are working on their mission papers to come to class and teach the students.  The premise was that the kids could "critique" their teaching style, but I suspect it was a great opportunity to have young people who many of the students know come to seminary and share their testimonies with the kids.  That is exactly what happened for Landon.

In grade school Ashie was friends with girls from a neighboring ward who are twins.  Ashtyn went off to Entheos for middle school, and these two girls became quite popular.  They were never unkind to Ashtyn, but they were definitely in their own world.  And--as happens often with the popular kids--they were perceived as "snobs" and "stuck up."  (I refuse to make a judgment because everyone has their own hangups.)  Well, one of these girls, Kara, has her mission papers in and was one of yesterday's seminary teachers.

Landon:  Mom, did you know that Kara _______ is going on a mission?  Her papers are filled out and she is just waiting for her call.  I would NEVER have expected that from her.  She taught in our class today, and Mom, the spirit was so strong while she was talking!

Later, at lunch, Landon asked me if he could get his Patriarchal blessing.  I said, "Of course!"  So he asked me the process, and by this morning he had texted the bishop (who is being released on Sunday and advised Landon to call the new bishop as soon as he could).

We have a super son, and I am grateful to be his mother.