Sunday, May 12, 2013

When Our Daughter Came Home

On Sunday, April 28, we went for a ride up the canyon after church.  We came home pretty late.  When it was time for bed, I took my phone to the charger, and I realized that I had missed a phone call.  When I looked at the phone number, the caller ID said, "Indiana."  I listened to the message, and it was from Bri's mission president.  By that time it was 10:15 p.m. in Utah, which is after midnight in Indiana, so I could not return the call.  Needless to say, I had a difficult time getting to sleep that night.  And when the alarm went off on Monday morning, I jumped out of bed so I could call the mission.

The short version is that our daughter has been struggling with some mental and emotional challenges for some time.  She's visited with professionals, and that weekend it had become clear that the best thing for her was to have her come home and get some help.

From the very moment of that conversation, my heart and Spencer's heart were calm and at peace.

On Thursday, May 2, our beautiful Sister Hill came home and was honorable released as a missionary for our church.  Here are some pictures:

OK, IDK why a couple of these won't upload in the right direction.  Sorry, you'll have to tilt your head.

Anyway, our girl is HOME!!  It is so wonderful to have her here.  She is all about Indiana and all of the wonderful friends she has had there.  She's doing very well and is being smart about pursuing those things that will help her be well.  We are so proud of her.  She has truly become a remarkable woman.



val bateman said...

yeah. one of your babies is home. we're proud of her!

Kayla Stober said...

I totally tilted my head. I am SO proud of her. I look up to her in so many ways. I can't wait to see her :)