Monday, May 5, 2014

I Heart Field Trips

Field trips are wasted on children.  So a group of us tries to regularly go on field trips during our lunch breaks.  Today we had a tour of the McCune Mansion.  It was really beautiful and we had a great time.

Mrs. (Sister) McCune had a group of 5 girlfriends who were friends throughout their lives.  She would kick her hubby out of the house for one weekend a year, have matching gowns made, and have her girlfriends over for a long weekend of fun.  We all lamented that we couldn't afford to have matching dresses made.  Instead we'll all get matching earrings--maybe we'll buy all of our friends matching earrings for Christmas!

There are no limits to our genius.


Courtney said...

so fun! i wish i could have come. and that story about "sister mccune" ... DREAM LIFE!!!