Saturday, July 18, 2009

Logging in to Fitness

I love the internet!

I am daily visiting a website called It is a place to log your food, water, and exercise. I am loving it, and it is helping me in my quest for fitness. I weighed in at the beginning; but I find that weighing in just discourages me. If I've gained I just feel down in the dumps; if I've lost then I get this "I don't have to do it any more!" mentality. So I've set a goal, and I will probably weigh in in 6 months and 12 months (my birthday). But this website keeps track of my daily calorie intake as well as my exercise, so it tells me how much more I can eat throughout the day. So helpful! My friend Karleen is the one who told me about it; Cathy sent me the link; I shared it with Spencer; we are sharing menus. Great stuff!

Spencer took me to Wasatch Running today. I got some good running shoes. Pricey, but worth it if I can avoid injury. It turns out that I have some serious pronation (my feet tilt in toward my arches), so the wonderful fitter, named Brad, was able to help me find some shoes that would help with that. I hope that helping to correct this will keep my knees healthier.

Spencer had asked for new running shoes for Father's Day, so he got shoes, too. Because we spent so much (yikes!) they gave us a free shirt. It's pink; it's mine! And Spence let me try his compression shorts, too, which I liked. Landon and I went to the Oval to run this evening, and it was good.

I'm feeling good. AND, 10 milk chocolate M&M's are only 34 calories, so I can still have a sweet treat every once in a while. It's amazing how far a little bit will go!


Amy said...

Good for you! I should join you more faithfully....Nutrimirror e-mailed me today pointing out what a slacker I've been....worse than the Wii Fit. :)

Jessica and Tim said...

Good luck with that. You are totally awesome and I know you'll succeed. I'm jealous of the new shoes. Mine are in shabby repair.