Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Amy, Here's An Imagined Conversation.

If you have Josh read this out loud, there will probably even be sound effects!

"Base 12, Base 12, come in. Over." (this is where the sound effect goes)

"Base 12. Go ahead." (another sound effect, please)

"Base 12, the Falcon has flown the nest!" (and here...)

"Roger that. What is your 20?" (you get the idea)

"The Falcon is in the Garment District. Do you want to rendezvous?"

(Note to Josh: This sound effect might involve an excited scream, NOT broadcast on the radio) "Roger that! Over and OUT!"

Here's hoping Tommy gets to come out and play very soon.


Amy said...

Unfortunately Josh is currently zonked out. Completely. Mouth open head hanging back ASLEEP. In the morning you'd better believe he'll be reading it to me. :)

Amy said...

You should know that he (Josh) got bored of walkie talkie sounds and started making racecar sounds instead. :)