Friday, April 9, 2010

Basically, I'm a Bum

Here's the thing. Every time life has gotten stressful, my writing goes away. Wedding? Funeral? Primary Program? New job? New baby? I have no record of any of these things. My posterity will think my life just sailed along without anything hard because I never write about them till the stress is gone. And once the stress is gone, what's to write? I made it through. Let's not think about it ever again.

Additionally, I haven't gone running in a week and a half. Never mind that the Ragnar is just two months away. It's too cold. I'm too stressed.

Yard work? Forget it.

So really, I'm just a bum. I come home, get into my jammies, and curl up with a book, a movie, The Biggest Loser, or my embroidery. I guess the writing's not the only thing that goes away.

BTW, the fact that I'm writing tonight is a good sign. :)


Amy said...

I know I'm not the only one who's missed you. I'm glad you're writing.

But I'm also glad for the time you spent reading. It's good for you. Want an M&M? (Not that I'd bribe you.....just sayin')

Kim and Preston said...

Love it Aundrea!~ You are far from being a Bum...You sound alot like me so i have to justify it right:)