Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Things That Made Today the Perfect Day

1. I got to sleep in. Ashtyn says 7:30 is not sleeping in, but I slept till I was fully awake. That's a beautiful thing.
2. The weather was PERFECT. We reached 70 degrees, and it was sunny. That's warm enough to not need a jacket, to make the car hot and wonderful when you first get in it, to roll down the windows and get a beautiful breeze, and to remember that life is still there, after a long winter's nap.
3. I got to watch high school kids sing. And sing well. One of them was our son. His ensemble won a "1" at State! (We didn't get the results on his solo yet.)
4. I got to visit with my grandparents and my aunts and uncle. (The only way it could be better is if my parents had been there, too.)
5. Grandma had burnt almond fudge ice cream for her birthday, and she shared it with me.
6. I had a nice nap in the afternoon that wasn't so long that it made me groggy.
7. We were taught by a member of the Seventy at our stake conference, and it was wonderful.
8. Ashtyn made dinner. Not only did we have a wonderful dinner, I did not have to make it.
9. Ashtyn cleaned up her cooking. Isn't that great!?
10. Ashtyn is acting normal. Woot!

This was a beautiful, wonderful day. Wish you were here!


Ann said...

What a beautiful day!

And thanks for your Winnemucca story. It made me sooo happy.