Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cream Rises and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

There is a woman I work with who I have come to love.  I had met her before she worked in our department.  She was generally quiet, but helpful.  When she came to this department, she was hoping to find a job that would challenge her and allow her to grow.  But it turned out to be basically a receptionist job--she answers phones.

This is a woman who has been a Relief Society president, in the YW presidency, the president of student organizations, and the member of a number of committees.  She is in a master's program.  She's an amazing artist and photographer.  The planning I've seen her put into her calling is phenomenal.  She was recently called to teach Primary.  She is young and single, and she felt "stuck" in Primary; but she has risen to the calling!  She calls the kids, goes to their houses, prepares fun handouts and activities to go with the lessons, etc., etc.  She is intelligent and capable in many, many ways.

But this job has beaten her down.  When expectations are low, performance is low.  Every. Time.

Now she is looking for different work; she hopes to find something that will challenge her and allow her to grow.  But she's been stuck in a rut, and it is very difficult to climb out of these things. 

I hope we're not the ones who are sticking people into ruts.  We should be lifting them, helping them, and encouraging them.  Don't tell your children or your co-workers or your siblings or your husbands that they are monsters or losers or jerks--they will become those things.  Tell them they are amazing and capable and wonderful--they will become those things!


Kim and Preston said...

I agree with you so much! Thanks for sharing. I pray for us all in these situations.

amb said...

Awww...Thank you.