Friday, May 27, 2011

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This...

Our neighbor and Spencer were talking last night, and J told Spencer that their oldest dog, Mandy, had died.  J was very sad.  Their other two dogs came when they were called, but their heads were hanging down, and they did not want to play with Bella, and they went home right away.

Frankly, we were sad, too.  J and M have had Mandy for 15 years, and we have been neighbors for 10 of those years.  Mandy was a very good dog, and we were friends with her.  She was very obviously the alpha dog at their house, and she really kept the others in line.

Bella, BTW, was on her best behavior in the yard last night.  She stayed by Spencer till he gave her permission to go play with Lexi and _____.  When they didn't want to play, she left them alone, and she ran home as soon as Spencer called her.  She's a doofus, but she's a good doofus.

This morning one of my friends had this posted on Facebook.  It amazes me what animals/pets do by sheer instinct.  They are beautiful and amazing and funny.

I'm glad my family talked me into having pets.


Briana said...

NO WAY!!!! :_(