Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm a Sane Person, Except

There is nothing to do.

I did some school work.  (Admittedly, I could do more, but I feel a bit guilty about doing schoolwork on company time.)

I went through my email and my boss's.

I took an hour's lunch.

I've watched Facebook all day.  I've blog-stalked.

I asked my friend if I could work on time changes.  Did you know they don't do boogers on 2LL any more?

I've taken a job skills test online.  I've read every job posting at the CPB.

I'm losing my mind.


Amy said...

Seems like it would've been my job to e-mail you relentlessly all day long...where was I? Oh yeah, napping.

Also no boogers? What on earth do they do with their days?