Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Kinda Like a Reunion

Last week I received an email from the woman whose job I took over when she left full-time employment to be a mommy.  We have stayed in touch via blog-stalking.  Her hubby got accepted into a master's program in another state, so she wondered if I and some other girlfriends could have lunch together. 

Today I took a call from a generic phone in the building, and it was my friend who also worked with me when I first started working here.  He was a mentor in all things Excel and a lot of other stuff.  He left to take a position in Southern California.  Again, I keep track of them via blogging, and they now have a beautiful little girl.  He was in the building, so he and his wife and daughter came up to visit with me for a few minutes.  They let me give cherry pie to their daughter, which I loved, of course.  BTW, motherhood really agrees with my friend's wife--she looks lovely and is obviously so in love with that little girl!

Anyone else wanna come see me?


Tahnee said...

AH... you got to see Scott. And he has a baby! Sweet!