Friday, July 1, 2011

The "For Sures" and the "Maybes" for the Holiday Weekend

Today we will FOR SURE go to the Utah Army band performance at Brigham Young Park in SLC, where I hope we will FOR SURE cheer for and celebrate our liberty as citizens of the United States of America as well as those who have worked to protect those liberties.

Tomorrow I will FOR SURE be running in the Kiss Me Dirty obstacle course/run with 8 other ladies from our ward.  I MIGHT have pictures to share afterward.  It's gonna be muddy fun FOR SURE!

Tomorrow we MIGHT go for a hike or a picnic or something fun.  FOR SURE we will get the housework done.  Because it's a sty. (10 points if you can name the movie)  And then we MIGHT go to the movie in the park (Megamind), just because it's silly and fun and a good reason to eat popcorn from a paper bag FOR SURE.

On Sunday we will FOR SURE go to church, where we MIGHT get to stand and sing The Star Spangled Banner (because I LOVE the third verse the best).

On Monday we MIGHT go to the West Jordan City Western Stampede parade.  And we MIGHT stay at the park for the carnival and cotton candy (please?).  And we FOR SURE will go to Mom & Dad Hill's for a barbecue.  And then we MIGHT go back to the City Park to watch fireworks.

We are FOR SURE going to have a fun weekend!