Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Life Is Going to the Dogs

When I got home from work yesterday, Bella was outside the sliding door, whining like crazy.  Since I could hear people in the house I called out, "Is Bella in trouble or something?"  Landon called back, "We have some dogs here, and she was going nuts!"

She WAS going nuts? 

Wait!  Did you say, "We have some DOGS here"?

Landon and two of his friends were out walking when a HUGE rain/hailstorm hit.  They were drenched within moments.  As they hurried toward our house they spotted two little, drenched little, shivering little, lost little dogs.  What could they do but bring them home?

Poor Bella.  She just wanted to play!  Only she was like 50 times their size because they were these tiny little terriers.  And she cried and cried and cried.  Until we pulled out the CAN of shame (I do not like the can of shame...).  The can of shame is a soup can filled with steelies that makes a lot of noise, scares the dog, and is equated with, "You're in big trouble, Doofus!"  All we have to do is pull it out of the cupboard and she quiets down.

The dogs were a boy (who was wearing a collar but no tag) and a girl (who didn't have a collar).  The boy sprawled out to sleep on his back, so we called him Jack (see "The Lake House").  The girl naturally became Jill, although we considered Rose ("Rose!"  "Jack!"  "Rose!" "Jack!")  Landon and his friend took Jack & Jill out to look for their home, but no one claimed them.  So they came home and spent the night with us.  They slept in the boys' room in Bella's kennel.  Bella slept on her bed in our room.

Hopefully someone will be looking for their dogs today before our boys take the trek to the pound.  And either way, hopefully someone will find their dogs, because the boys plan to tell the pound to call us if Jack & Jill do not get claimed.

Woof.  (That is dog language for "The End.")

OK, they were sweet little dogs.  But seriously?  THREE dogs?  I don't think so!


Amy said...

Poor Jack & Jill! Poor Lando and poor poor Bella.

I hope their mothers claim them.

Kim and Preston said...

Oh they are those puppies hero's! Do you have pictures of the cute little puppies.