Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm So Glad I'm Not Single

With my apologies to my many friends who ARE single...

I was thinking a couple of nights ago about how cool it is to trust my sweetheart so completely that I can just say something and he will take care of it.  Then I did a little test.  Would he read my mind?  If not, would he be mad or frustrated with me?

You know, honey, a few weeks ago Ashtyn and I had the best slushie EVER from a little store in Midway.

Oh, yeah?

I've probably had more slushies this summer than the rest of my life combined.  They're SO good.

Yup, sometimes they really hit the spot.

Spencer, when we get to Kimball Junction, will you please pull off?


I want a slushie.

Such complete trust.  Such total love.  I am a lucky woman!


Kim and Preston said...

I love the trust!!