Wednesday, November 26, 2008

With apologies

On November 1st we awakened to Christmas music on the radio. Yup, NOVEMBER 1ST! That is just ridiculous. Since Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday (followed closely by my birthday--yes, that counts as a holiday!), I am irritated that it gets completely skipped so that we can move straight into the commercialized "Holidays."

And what is up with "modern" Christmas music? Can we not just listen to a hymn--lovely and full of worship? No, we have to jazz it up, add vocal tricks, and basically just ruin it. Neil Diamond, I love you. But I am not convinced that you love the Savior or the season when you "sing" O Holy Night. Even Santa Claus Is Coming to Town loses its fun when The Boss yells it at me!

After that little tirade, I hate to even admit it...but here it is: Christmas music has grown on me as this month has progressed. To be completely honest, I listen to VoiceMale's Jingles 2 CD off and on throughout the year. Ditto The Forgotten Carols. There are some Christmas songs that are so beautiful, so worshipful, so FUN!

Now here we are, the day BEFORE Thanksgiving, and I have made this blog's playlist my Christmas playlist. I hope you will forgive me. I hope you will enjoy the music I've chosen. And I hope your Christmas is as void of commercialism as possible.


Amy said...

Yep, this will be my soundtrack for the afternoon. Eclecticity (yeah, it's a word) and all! Happy weekend!