Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cue the Water Works!

My work buddy, Amy, is a woman I sincerely love. (see Two Scoops) She has it all: a wonderful sense of humor, a skill base beyond compare, brains, beauty. Most importantly, she has a husband she is totally in love with. I've met Josh once, but I feel like I know him--and it's a good thing!

This year Josh and Amy "came out of the closet" about their infertility. Amy has a tender heart, but she doesn't people to tiptoe around the issue of children. Believe me, when you know someone aches to have a child of their own, it isn't easy to "be normal." I have tried to be normal, though, and Amy has not only exhibited grace but incredible faith.

Yesterday Amy went to the doctor. He diagnosed something and offered her a pill that will--hopefully--"fix it." Naturally, there are questions and hopes and fears and a million other things.

For me, there's mostly tears. Those of you who know me will be shocked at this revelation: I cry over EVERYTHING. I cry when I'm sad. Happy. Angry. Excited. Frustrated. Let's just stop there--you can fill in the emotion blank. If there's extreme emotion, I weep.

Please keep Amy and Josh in your prayers. Theirs will be a BEAUTIFUL family!


Amy said...

As if your comment on my blog didn't make me cry hard enough, I had to come and read this.

Much like "I love you" "thank you" doesn't come out quite right when it's typed. I just can't tell you how blessed and honored I feel to work with such a dear friend. Thank you for your thoughts, love, tears, prayers, and encouraging words. And of course thank you for "being normal".

I truly count you as one of my dearest friends.