Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spotlight on Taylor


Taylor, our oldest son and our 2nd child, was born on January 22, 1993, which makes him 16 today. For his birthday he got a new suit (he will be at the sacrament table in a couple of weeks!).

He will probably kill me for posting this picture, but you all will understand that his mother thinks he's sexy, even if his hair is a mess. (Give him a break. It was 5:30 a.m.!) You gotta admit, he looks great in his suit!

Taylor has been a really good boy and a very good son. He plays lacrosse for West Jordan High School, and he loves it. He was involved with student government at the middle school level, and he may go back to that another time. He's very popular at school, and he has about a million friends--mostly girls. Who can blame them? He even has a date with a senior TONIGHT! Taylor is also a very good student. He has a love for science and hopes to studying engineering in college (at least that is the last plan that I heard). He also sings with Take Ten, the men's choir at the high school, and he's very good at it.

Mostly Taylor is just a really great person. He has a testimony of the gospel, and he tries to show it through his actions every day. He serves as his seminary class president. He is respectful of women, particularly. He has always been very good to me. When he was a baby he loved to snuggle. He was very friendly to EVERYONE (I was afraid he would just happily walk away with a stranger). He has a smile to die for. Our version of snuggling these days includes my head on his shoulder because he is so tall. Taylor makes me laugh all the time--I realize that this isn't really a stretch, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. :)

T is good friends with both Ash and Bri. His best friend is Logan Gifford, who lives in Magna and has been his best friend since they were about 3 years old.

His dad and I think he is about as great as they come! I love you, Son!


Coles Fam said...

Call me a nerd, but I can not believe how grown up he looks. Happy birthday, T!

Amy said...

He is a very handsome man/boy. :) How could he not be with his parents? Can't wait to hear how the first date was!

Jessica and Tim said...

It's good that his mom thinks he's cute. The rest of us agree. Happy Birthday to such a great guy!!