Friday, January 9, 2009

Habits of sanitation...

Do you have a "pet" item of personal care? For me it's the toothbrush. Mr. Toothbrush and I are good friends, and I believe everyone should be friends with him as well. Please.

I also have a complete routine for getting myself ready for the day. And if anyone throws off my groove, something is bound to get missed. Add this to the list of things that make me weird--I can take it! I work in order, and my process is not necessarily a lean one. I go in and out of the bathroom, back and forth to the sink, and don't mess with me!

This morning I'm blaming the dog. As far as I can tell, I got back in the groove, but somehow I missed the deodorant. Ewwww! Hopefully I do not offend too badly, but I'm disgusted.

Now aren't you glad I shared?


The Vuki Family said...

That's hilarious! I hate it when that happens! Just don't lift your arms higher than your ears, you're you'll be like that woman on the Old Sure deoderant commercials. Now that paints a picture doesn't it? Love you sister. Thanks for the picture!

Amy said...

Now THAT'S funny. I too have a groove, so of course I know exactly what you're saying. Unfortunately, more times than I care to admit, my groove is thrown off by the snooze button. I can blame the alarm clock maker for that, right? Cuz I'm gonna.

PS I worked with you all day long, AND invaded your personal space while looking at your computer and didn't notice, I'm pretty sure you're good.