Monday, January 19, 2009

Myla Raelle Blackham

This is a four-generation shot that includes Myla Raelle; her parents, Jeff and Jacqueline Blackham; Jax's parents, Jeff and Gayle Hill; and Jeff Hill's parents, Bert and Ruth Hill. Bert and Ruth are my parents-in-law; Jeff Hill is Spencer's brother.
When Jax was in entering 4th grade--and still using the name "Jacqui"--she lived with us during the summer. She then stayed with us during the school week and went to school at Copper Hills Elementary. She was a huge help at our house, especially with Lando, who was a baby, and I mostly just thought of her as another daughter.
Now Jax is married and has a baby of her own. And you can tell that she loves it all. She and Jeff live in Wyoming. They were able to get their own house, and she takes care of Myla and their home. She's definitely a first-time mom (they put a sign-up on the whiteboard for anyone who wanted a chance to hold the baby), but she obviously loves her. I was even more tickled by how much her Jeff (Blackham) loves both her and their baby.
Jax's dad, Jeff, who has not always been the ideal dad, gave Myla a name and blessing in their ward in Price yesterday. Jeff was not able to do this for his own children, so this was a first for him. And he did a BEAUTIFUL job. If I'm going to be completely honest, I should tell you that I often refer to Jeff as "the one who is keeping me out of the Celestial Kingdom." But this weekend he was on very good behavior, and he honored his priesthood beautifully in naming this lovely little one.
It's amazing how much I love this little girl because I love her mom so much. Now Jax has a beautiful mother (it's not me) who is an example of honored motherhood. But I can't help it--I still think of Jax as my own. And I love her daughter, even though Myla probably won't really know me at all.
But all this love reminds me that I want to be with all of these people FOREVER.
And maybe--after this weekend--I can!


Amy said...

That is fantastic! I'm so glad you got to go, and I'm so glad he was behaving nicely. :)