Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Like Christmas!

We got new toys at our house: cell phones!

We replaced the one we use as our home phone. I got a phone. Briana got a phone. Taylor got a phone. Ashtyn got a phone.

We have purchased our children Go Phones when they started high school. With as many directions as we are going, it has been nice to have a way to get hold of them. BUT they have to buy their minutes.

The rules are the same. But now they have a set monthly fee for their phones. For that reason, we did not originally get phones for Tay and Ashtyn. Then they came to us and asked if they could work off their monthly fees. We felt that that was fair, until they get jobs. We told them that the work we will have them do is going to be serious physical labor, and not the regular "stuff" that is expected of a family member. They agreed to our terms.

And we told them we'd rather they had a job. :)

This week Taylor sanded and stained the deck. It looks awesome! (And I didn't have to do it--heeheehee.)

It's like Christmas for all of us!


Amy said...

Merry Christmas!