Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happiness is...

...gathering the family for prayer, and then spending 1/2 hour just talking and laughing and teaching and learning.

...feeling the Holy Ghost as people you love in your family, ward, and neighborhood share their feelings about the gospel and the Savior.

...knowing and hearing that your son has a testimony.

...receiving hugs from many little children.

...watching your daughter take a leadership role among her peers.

...listening to your son reverently perform a sacred ordinance.

...crying as valiant children sing: "We are children holding hands around the world, like an army, with the gospel flag unfurled."

...having a dear friend take your hand to lend comfort and support when your heart might break.

...knowing that you are leaving loved ones in wonderful hands.

...delicious dinners!

...having a cherished friend take you in her arms and whisper, "I love you."

...knowing that there is more to life than mortality.

...singing praises to God with extremely talented people who share your convictions.

...having your children greet you happily when you walk in the door.

...getting to climb in bed with your best friend to end a beautiful day.


Amy said...

I'm thankful for happiness!