Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

One could argue that nothing can make me happy--it is a choice I must make. OK. I'll buy that. But humor me for today:

1. Spencer and I got to have dinner with the Ulches last night. It was heavenly and happy and fun. Thanks, Bob and Stacy!

2. Today--in spite of the fact that I do not consider myself a runner--I ran 7 miles. Count them! 1--2--3--4--5--6--7! Isn't that amazing? Me!

3. Taylor dusted the ceiling fan yesterday. (Find joy in the small stuff.)

4. It is a glorious, perfect, beautiful fall day!

5. Tomorrow is a regional broadcast (Stake Conference). So while I get to dress up and go to church, I do not have to sit alone through Sunday School or Relief Society. AND we will be home just after noon. Woot!

6. Did I mention I just ran 7 miles!?


It's a good day.


Amy said...

What happened to "I'll stop at 6 miles and just work on speed"? I'm telling you, you'll do a half marathon before you stop calling yourself a non-runner. :)

Tahnee said...

7 MILES!!! Are you kidding me? You are AMAZING!!! Uh... hello- RUNNER!!!!