Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Old or Stupid?

This morning I left plenty early to get to the bus stop. We're having a doozy of a snowstorm today. I waited for a bit in the car, then got out to wait at the stop itself. Just as the bus was pulling up I thought, "Gee, I guess I oughtta pull out my badge." Which is also my bus pass.

I want to interject here that I am very good about my badge. I always put it right back in my work bag as soon as I leave work so that I always have it. This is why I only have one work bag.

My badge was nowhere to be found. Thanks to my adorable, very distinctive winter hat that our beautiful daughter made for me, the bus driver recognized me. I got on the bus, and took the front seat so that WHEN I found my badge I could beep in. It was not anywhere in my bag. How can that be?

So I got on the phone and texted Briana, asking her to see if she could see my badge anywhere at home. On the table? By our bed?

And five worry-filled minutes later, it hit me. My badge was clipped onto my skirt and tucked into my skirt pocket. Because that's what I do when I wear this skirt.

I promptly texted Bri and told her I found the badge.

And now I'm wondering. Am I getting old? Or just stupid? Isn't that a cute hat?


Amy said...

It's a fantastic hat! And I would venture that you're neither old OR stupid.

PS new professional picture of you and Spence? ADORABLE!

Amy said...

Duh. AND the new header at the top (it didn't show up fast enough before I clicked "comment") is amazing! What a beautiful family you have.