Thursday, December 31, 2009

People with Kind Hearts

Sara is the wife of a man I work with. She has sent me treats on all the holidays this year. Their family Christmas card is adorable (I'm keeping in my "to steal this idea" file). I blog stalk her. We've met a couple of times, but never really talked.

Today she sent in a hand-crocheted kitchen wash towel with a darling message for the new year. I said to her hubby, "When does she do all of this?" He said, "Sometimes she has a hard time sleeping."

I think Sara has a giving heart. Because if I had trouble sleeping (which I don't--I overslept my bus stop this week), I would get up with a book, not a crochet hook.

I heart Sara and her giving heart. Thank you for the towel and the example, Sara!


Amy said...

Oohhhh! I love Sara! I'm gonna miss her - even though we've never met (I blog-stalk her too...I wonder if she knows...) Great people.