Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We're Going to Boise, Idaho!

Spencer bought a used recumbent bike yesterday. We are going to try to get back into shape INDOORS during this goopy, nasty, inversion season. Then we'll get back to running.

We're considering the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon in Boise, Idaho, in May. We could stay with Spencer's sister, so the trip would be inexpensive. The registration is only $35. And we will get a Famous Idaho Potato t-shirt after the race!! Admit it--you wish you were going to have a Famous Idaho Potato t-shirt.


Kim and Preston said...

Sweet! Good luck! I would love an idaho shirt!

The Vuki Family said...

I sure wish your title to your blog stated "We're going to Orangevale, California!" Love you sister! By the way, your hair is so PRETTY! Someday I'm going to look as great as you...maybe when I'm as OLD as you are! Love you!!!!

Amy said...

I TOTALLY want a potato t-shirt. You are amazing. And you claimed you'd never be a runner....tsk tsk tsk. :) Can't wait to see you Monday!