Monday, March 28, 2011

Glimpses by Aundrea

My eyes are closed for two reasons:  1) I'm too lame to have a picture taken without blinking; 2) there is not enough oxygen in the air yet, so I'm asleep.  This is at the SLC airport, where we nearly missed our flight due to the length of the security checkpoint line.  I've seriously never seen anything like it.

Todd and Sami at Pearl Harbor--I love this picture (even if Sami won't love it)!

Spencer is a good sport to do the goofy stuff with me.  We are at the Dole Plantation.

This is the back yard view of the house where we stayed.  *sigh*  I could SO get used to a view like this!

Nothing says "Class" like flags along the road!  The food was really good.  And I apologize to everyone in Hawaii who DIDN'T have the garlic shrimp that day.  They were pretty serious about the garlic.  :)

Going into dinner at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

The lookout from atop Diamond Head.  (Are my eyes open?  You decide.)

Proof that we visited a tropical rain forest.  Incredible!

Banyon tree.  It's really beautiful.  (It was also the closet for some homeless person(s), containing a cooler, a bedroll, and others "stuff")

One of the funny things when we travel is that I want all the pictures to have people in them.  Spencer likes "the view."  He got some lovely photos, but this is MY blog, dang it!


Amy said...

Jealous doesn't quite cover this emotion.... SO SO SO beautiful!

Jacqueline said...

Love the pictures. We ate at that same shrimp stand and I have a picture of me and Jeff at the Dole Plantation in that same "cut-out" thing. Fun fun!

Jodi Orgill Brown said...

I love your photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time! So many of those sights are very familiar to me! :) I hope it was as perfect as a vacation can be!