Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Like I Was Walking onto a Yacht

I think I should have a full-length mirror in my cube.  I know you think I'm being egotistical (which is a lovely, clicky word), but it's really about ... vanity.

I just discovered some kind of blue streak on the front of my white sweater, right between my ... vanity.  It's already a man's world around here, the last thing I need to do is give them a real reason to make eye-to-chest contact.

Do men worry about clothing the way we do? 

Is there a run in my hose?
Does my loose heel make anyone else crazy when I walk?
Is my slip showing?
Is my round neck-lined garment showing beneath this square neck-lined top?
If Auntie Flo comes to visit today instead of tomorrow, is this skirt dark enough?
Is this blouse pilling under my arms?

And don't even get me STARTED on the accessories.

Too late.

I need a new purse.


Jacqueline said...

Laughed. Out. Loud.

It's a very fair question and I'm fairly certain that most men...don't.

Us poor women........

amb said...

Ha! You crack me up!

The Vuki Family said...

Why in the hell would they care about that stuff? They don't even notice that their wife got a haircut, and her brows waxed! Oh husband does.
Love you goof ball! MUUUUAAAH!!!