Monday, May 16, 2011

Picture This:

Spencer and I are sitting on our bed, backs against the wall, when Ash walks into the room.  She climbs purposefully up onto the bed, sits at the foot, facing us, and says, "So!"

Our 16-year-old then proceeds to teach us about her thoughts and feelings as she has been reading about Zoram.  She's telling us this because she thinks it's so cool and so interesting.  She pulls out her Book of Mormon.  1 Nephi is a quarter-inch thicker than normal; it is full of Post-It's filled with her thoughts.  The Post-It's, apparently, are not large enough to hold all of her thoughts, so her journal is filling fast.

We talk for 10 minutes.  Laughter is shared, tears are shed, testimonies are borne.  We hug and she goes to bed.

Fast forward two days.