Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A List of Love from the Weekend

In no particular order:

1.  Running with the girls.
2.  An excuse to play in the mud (I don't think I have EVER played in the mud before).
3.  Lindsey asked to meet the extended family.  (She doesn't know what she's asking, but it still made me happy.)
4.  Colton walks in and calls us Mom and Dad.
5.  Landon trying to teach me to Jerk (and something else).
6.  Colton thinks I'm cool because I tried to Jerk (and something else).
7.  Singing in the car.
8.  Cotton candy!
9.  M&M's!
10.  Pineapple!
11.  Slushies!
12.  Awesome fireworks show on the ground and in the sky--all from my front yard.
13.  Great discussion with Briana.
14.  Great discussion with Briana and Taylor.
15.  Landon told his cousins (in my hearing) that his favorite place to be is home.
16.  New clothes for work.
17.  Black shoes that don't squeak (finally!).
18.  TWO PAIRS of black shoes.  Bliss!
19.  Smallest "crowd" I've ever seen at Lagoon.
20.  Only 85 degrees during the outdoor picnic--glorious!
21.  Silver Lake.
22.  The whole family at Silver Lake.
23.  I love our beautiful state!
24.  I love our beautiful family!
25.  I love having grown-up children!
26.  Holding hands with my sweetheart.
27.  Listening to Spencer laugh on roller coasters.  (Best. Laugh. Ever.)


Courtney said...

two things:
1. i love lists.
2. now you're going to have to jerk for me.

Amy said...

I'm sorry, you did WHAT? (What is jerking?) And it sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Glad you got to enjoy it!