Friday, July 29, 2011


I had a massage last night.  I have a great massage therapist.  I tell him what hurts; he feels it out and works it out.  Last night's massage was long overdue, and I would not call it relaxing.  It was what I needed, afterward I was wiped out, and today I feel better.  But I wouldn't skip straight to FUN.

Today's outfit choice was clearly a poor decision on my part.  It's so bad, in fact, that I am wishing I had some (gasp!) HOSE to fix it a little bit.  (That's bad, n'est-ce pas?)  The hair is also bad today; thanks for redeeming me today, stupid hair!

I have a three-hour meeting scheduled this morning.  Who plans a three hour meeting?

No one had signs out or had put anything on to claim Jack and Jill.  The boys took them to the West Jordan animal shelter.  They will only keep them for a week.  One week!  Please pray that their owners find them!!!

TGIF, friends.  TGIF.


Kim and Preston said...

Not hose Aundrea! It cannot be that bad :) Gotta love those days when your hair goes against you! Good luck with the 3 hour meeting.